Sunday, March 9, 2008

Eden and Almonds

What if Eve had chosen the other nut-fruit, Almonds, instead of the Apple in the Garden of Eden?

(isn't Sarah beautiful/ethereal/timeless?)

Why do we love Almonds in the TYP regimen of plaque solutions? See links below.
Certain diet components affect our receptors in thesame way that drugs do, to regress and eradicate plaque. For approx 17-25% of the world population, Lp(a) affects plaque in malevolent, vicious way. It's not entirely understood why but this appears to be the case. Is Lp(a) somewhat protective for those who over express this lipoprotein (conversely as high quantities of FLUFFY low-density-lipoprotein and HIGH levels of LARGE high-density-lipoprotein are cardio-protective)?

Lp(a) is an equal opportunity plaque-builder: it affects both elite athletes as well as non-elite- and non-exercisers. Cardoso GC, et al. Long distance runners andbody-builders exhibit elevated plasma levels of lipoprotein(a). Chem Phys Lipids. 1994Jan;67-68:207-21. PMID: 8187216

Yet ... there is a hypothesis that Lp(a) may in fact be PROTECTIVE. Hyper-protective, like a 'friendly' appearing pitbull. Against infections (people with Lp(a) have reported anecodotally that they 'never get sick'). Against cancers. Frequently individuals who carry high Lp(a) are survivors of cancer -- it's been observed any cancer Thymus, Breast, etc. Someone recognized it as a form of 'hyperimmunity' on the TYP forum (I *heart* that phrase -- Rich, you ROCK, man)...

Le Brazidec H. Lipoproteins and protection of the arterial wall against infection: the "response to the threat of infection" hypothesis. Atherosclerosis. 2007Nov;195(1):e21-31. Epub 2007 Feb 27. PMID: 17331516
Almonds are GREAT plaque-busters! They've have been shown to lower glycemic index, insulin, small dense LDL as well as Lp(a). Help yourself to a HEAPING handful of raw almonds... or 2 or even 3! What arethe side effects almonds? The side effects are a feeling of satiety, fullness, happier-hearts, lowerblood glucoses, lower Lp(a), reduction of other plaque-building risk factors.
And maybe it can help you reach... Eden...

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